My little brother (actually he has dwarfed me for quite some time) is a student at the Medical College of Georgia and he is working to help raise funds for critically and chronically ill children! This student run fundraiser (nice to see students focusing on something other than keg stands - I sure didn't) aims to be able to provide sick children with completely free medical care! This is the 4th year the Medical College of Georgia has conducted this fundraiser and the goal for this year is $10,000. My brother is trying to raise $100 to go towards this worthy cause - something tells me that we can do even more! Please contribute even a dollar to help these sick children. It would be unbearable to have to watch your child suffer through an illness or face death so lets team up to help lift the financial burdon for them. You can donate to the Medical College of Georgia Miracle Marathon by clicking here - Please help!
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Chris said...

Thank you!!

jamaise said...

Done :))

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