That's one cute KnitWit!

How cute is this crazy looking creation? I'm not at all sure what a KnitWit is but I can tell you one thing - my little boy loves it! KnitWits are made by the Witalator (curious? see photo below) which combines left over scraps from Little Miss Matched socks to make these whimsical creatures!

Even more fun - you can take your child online to create their own KnitWit using the Witalator. It's addicting. I couldn't stop playing. While you are there you can also name your KnitWit, play the Knit-match game and learn all about the 4 KnitWit families. Our Knitwit is from the Splitwit family. Complete with a family crest, the Splitwits are eager, energetic, kooky, apologetic, focused and found of long walks & working in the garden. Their family motto is to "make it happen!". Fascinating how much thought went into this little guy and it makes it all the more fun for your child.

Although my 3 year old thinks he is too cool for anything without wheels, you can tell how much my youngest loves the KnitWit. It is extremely soft and cuddly. The multiple legs and the dangly arms give him lots of options to chew on and grasp. He has trouble keeping hold on lots of toys but this one stays put and does a great job of comforting him. It has become a staple for any car ride or playdate. It's just so cute with it's bright colors and vivid patterns! I can completely see why he likes it so much. Just another fabulous creation from Little Miss Matched!!!Best Blogger Tips

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