The Bumbleride Flyer

The Bumbleride Flyer provides you with the ultimate in versatility for a stroller. It is perfect for growing with your child and it is so easy to use. I LOVE the way you can change from forward facing to facing mommy within seconds! I have never seen another stroller that could do that. You usually have to remove the seats and turn them around to have this option. With the Flyer you just pull up on the reversible handle and flip it around. Then adjust the wheel locks simply by stepping down on the lock, (the 7" wheels each have their own individual brake and you can lock the front or the back wheels to suit the position of the reversible handle). It is so simple. I really like that I can look at my child when I want to or face him out when he seems curious. Hands down that is a major WOW factor for the Flyer.
The seat is easy to adjust into 4 different positions just by lifting up on the bar behind baby's seat back. The Flyer will transform into a infant carriage bed by reclining it fully & attaching the footmuff. This can make nap time very easy. It is a roomy stroller and baby will have lots of room to relax & grow. You can also adjust the footrest just by holding in the buttons on the sides of the footrest. The Flyer is very easy to customize to your child's size and needs.
It actually comes standard with items most companies consider add ons. You get the footmuff, a cup holder, an extra large dual racheting canopy, and the universal infant car seat adapter. The footmuff is such a luxury for the cold months. It is easy to get on - all you do is zip it on and snap together in two places. I like how the footmuff also has two storage pockets. You could easily put foot warmers into one of the pockets to keep baby even warmer. I like to use it for storing my cell phone & wallet so that I am not digging for them when shopping. The canopy is really large and gives you maximum coverage from the sun. It also allows you to easily shorten it with a simple unzipping (it also has a handy storage pocket & a peekaboo window). As for the cupholder - I am so impressed with how you can reverse the handle and your drink will go unspilled - it just adjusts with the handle, no need to remove your drink first.
You can easily swap out the bumper bar for the universal car seat adapter & safety belt. Once you have done so then you are free to use your infant car seat in your Flyer. The seat in the Flyer comes with a 5 point harness and an infant head rest & shoulder pads. This is a stroller you can use from the moment baby is born and they will be super comfy. You can also adjust it to fit your child as they grow. My 3 year old will still fit in it and is not uncomfortable (the Flyer can hold up to 45 lbs).
While it isn't the most lightweight stroller I have tested at 19 lbs. - it is no where near the heaviest and is no trouble for me to lift. It folds up pretty compactly and it does so very easily! Another big plus to the Flyer is the one step, quick way it folds. You simply release the gray folding hinges in the middle and fold forward. Voila!
The Flyer is available in 5 different colors and you can even purchase a car seat cover to match your stroller. Other optional accessories are a rain cover and a coordinating snack pack. Two final perks - it has a roomy storage basket underneath and the handle will adjust to suit your height. I am tall and usually I must hunch to reach my stroller handle but with the ability to adjust the handle - pushing is much more comfortable for me. I also have adjusted it low enough that my 3 year old could have pushed, so it is very easy to meet each member of the family's needs.

All in all, I absolutely LOVE this stroller. It is so nice to be able to reverse the handle and it folds up really easily. I love how many different places it has to store all the stuff that you must lug along with a child. I love how I can recline it fully for nap time. I love how easy and smoothly it pushes. I love the footmuff because it keeps my little guy extra warm during the cold months. I STRONGLY recommend this stroller. It is very well made and will last you throughout many children! Check out the video below to see it in use. You can also view another video on the Bumbleride website and you can check out the other strollers available from Bumbleride!
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