Beep Beep went the car seat!

Babba Covers have impressed me a great deal with their genius design and their adorable options. During the winter months it is such a pain to have to try and put bulky jackets on your baby and then buckle them into the car seat. Even more annoying is trying to remove the jacket when you are running errands and then put it back on each time you have to go back to the car. I have tried wrapping a blanket on my little guy to dash from the car to the store or the house to the car but somehow it always falls or shifts out of position. Plus it provides no protection from the wind to baby's face.

Babba Covers are made with warm, thick 100% fleece (with 100% cotton lining) and slide easily over most standard carseats. The block out the wind and the cold. You just place it over your carseat with the handle in the upright position. It has a small hole so that you can hold the handle securely. It also has two window flaps that roll up and button should baby want to look around. It's great to be able to close them to block the wind, rain, or light & distractions during naptime. I love how easy this is to use and remove. You can even snap your carseat into your stroller without removing the Babba Cover so that baby can stay warm.

You can tell a mom thought of that when you see how creator Jessica Kim cleverly designed discreet side cargo pockets to store mom's gear. When you are running in & out you can toss your phone/wallet in the pocket instead of lugging your bag and a heavy carrier. I also like to put a spare teether or paci into the pocket. The cover was also designed so that the sides hang loosely to make sure that baby still has great air circulation.

I am really excited about this creative way to keep my son warm. I get nothing but compliments and questions about where to get one. You can pick up one online from Babba Co. They have a variety of different cover styles and you can choose between the fleece (the warmest), flannel (like having on a light jacket), or coming soon the airy cotton (sun protection). Check them out today and you can save 15% buy entering the code GETABABBA at the checkout!! PS - It's machine washable!Best Blogger Tips


Juicer Girl said...

I love these. Too cute.

Lisa C said...

Super cute!!

jamaise said...

YAY!!! It worked - Thanks Melissa :)))

Anyway so cute the cover & the kid :)))

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