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Although this is not a typical problem in my life because I am so tall most of my pants are too short - I do have two pairs of jeans that are too long and they are also 'of course' my favorites. Whenever I wear these jeans with open back shoes I end up pulling out a shoe wedgie for the rest of the evening. This basically destroys my that uber stylish thing I was attempting to achieve. Kix by Katie has created the cure for the shoe wedgie. It is super easy to do and it actually works.

Basically it is a stiff supportive strip that temporarily adheres to the bottom of your pants. You stick it where you need it and then you remove it when you are done. The strip forces your pants to hang straight and makes them look sleeker (especially when they aren't wedging between your shoes & foot). Another use I accidentally discovered - you can use them as a temporary hem for your pants. While I love my super long jeans, they tend to get ruined when I wear them with flats. I folded under the pants just like a shortened hem line and then I adhered the Kix By Katie. It held my pants straight and gave them a shorter length that was easily elongated simply by peeling off the Kix By Katie.

Kix By Katie is sure to become a product that instantly improves the life span of your pants and gives you a much need helping hand to a common wardrobe mishap. I see this as a great stocking stuffer - come on people - think outside the box of candy and jewelry.Best Blogger Tips

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