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If your anything like me then you might have procrastinated till the last minute looking for the perfect gifts and now you have just realized Christmas is only a week away. Think Geek as extended it's free 3 day shipping through today (12/19) - so this means order now. Get your gifts now...stop procrastinating. You might not know it but now Think Geek has toys & items for your children. I had already found it to be a great gift spot for my husband but now I can pick up items for all of my family in one spot. Two of my favorites are the Sun/Moon Jars and the Winkel Teether and Grasp Toy.

Sun/Mooon jars are a great alternative to the boring nightlight and they will work even when the power goes out. They are solar powered! You place them in sunlight for a few hours and they charge up. There is no power switch on these cool jars - they automatically switch on when the light sensor notices that it is dark or that you have turned out the lights. They are even sealed so tight that they can be left outside in any weather. How cute would these be to decorate your patio at night? Now I want one....maybe my son will share with me. He isn't going to part with it anytime soon though. He thinks it is his magic light. I'm not sure what it is about kids and flashlights but this tops the chart in things that shine in the dark!

My almost 4 month old is just now learning that his hands can be used for more things than just sucking on his fingers. He is beginning to hold and grasp items. When I was looking for Christmas Ideas for him that he would actually use because he is so young - the options were small. I love the Winkel Teether and Grasp Toy. This cool toy is super light and all of the brightly colored loops make it easy for baby to hold. It even makes a rattling sound when your child shakes it! You can also place this in the freezer for a few minutes and give it baby to soothe their gums. I like a toy that has more than one use. I can also vouch for it because my little guy loves it. It is one of the few toys he has no trouble manipulating and getting into his mouth (because that is baby's goal with anything....how can I fit this in my mouth?).

Make sure to visit Think Geek today and stock up on all the fun options for your family. You'll find something for everyone and even stocking stuffers. Remember - order by today and you can still get it there in time for Christmas!Best Blogger Tips

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