Have your storage & play with it too!

I am totally in love with the creative products from Zip Bin. They have cleverly created toys that double as storage. All toys should be made this way. My kid's playroom would be so organized. It also makes taking toys with you a breeze. Basically, you can zip up the Zip Bin to form an object that can be used for storing/toting your toys and then when you unzip the Zip Bin it becomes a fun playing surface. They have so many fun options to choose from. I really like the ZipBin Racer Softie you see above. It has become our go-to spend the night bag. It's light enough for my 3 year old to tote and roomy enough to store a teddy bear & a change of clothing. It also has two storage slots on the inside for his favorite cars. When he gets to Grandma's House he can unzip it and have a fun place to drive his cars. Storage & playtime - Ingenious!

The ZipBin Country Stable Softie is just right for the horse lover in your family. I love that you can unzip the roof without unzipping the entire stable - so you could use it as a playmat or as a stable while you play. I can see this adorable country stable carried around by little girls and stuffed to the brim with my little ponies.
The ZipBin Dinosaur is great for any dino lover in your life. Its also really easy to zip up and tote along all your little one's extinct friends. Plus it keeps everything organized and quick to locate. ZipBin has so many fun options to choose from like a Fairy Castle, Train Depot, and even a Farm. This is a gift that will make mom happy too - I know storage & organization is a luxury in my home! Visit ZipBin today to pick up one & also check out the video below to see it in use.
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