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I am a firm believer in the whole less is more mantra and in the case of car seat covers - I am pretty happy to discover one that looks so simple & elegant. I have tried several other car seat covers and this one is by far the easiest to remove. It has smartly designed it so the straps velcro in and then you can velcro them out. The majority of covers make you thread the straps through the cover - this can take a while because you have to unhook the straps from the car seat in order to do this. Nomie Baby covers are designed to fit most standard infant car seats - it fit mine perfectly and I have an Eddie Bauer car seat.

The covers are available in a selection of 4 solid colors and are waterproof. Protect you car seat from stains and it won't bother you so much to use the same one with every child. I just hate the thought of putting a new baby into a stained car seat, with Nomie Baby I don't have to do that. The cover is made by sewing 3 fabrics together - so it is also comfy along with protective against stains. You can also toss it in the washer and dryer - due to the quilting you won't have to worry about it clumping. I went with the white cover because I thought it was classic, would work for a boy or girl, and lets be practical - it would be easy to bleach stains out of.

Nomie Baby has covers for your toddler car seat as well. The most amazing thing about these covers to me is the very affordable price!! They are only $34. It is basically impossible to find a quality car seat cover for that price! This holiday season - you could give baby a little extra style & comfort for their car seat - they certainly spend enough time in their carrier. How many times have you had to drag your car seat in with you everywhere? In a way - it's kinda like baby's purse.

Visit Nomie Baby to see all the options and to purchase. You can save 15% off your purchase at Nomie Baby when you enter the code 'Thank You' at the checkout line - at only $34 bucks a cover this is a steal! Don't miss out! Check out the pictures of my little guy in his newly upgraded car seat thanks to Nomie Baby covers!
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katie said...

Thank you for spreading the "nomie" word. The feedback has been terrific. Parents love that the nomie baby car seat cover makes their lives easier!
Here's to a great 2009.

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