I'm bringing game night back!

One of the holiday traditions that I love the most is that every Christmas Eve we unwrap a new game and the whole family plays it together. It always ends up being so much fun! I love to play games with my family and I think that having a game night is making a comeback. I know I'm bringing it back at my home! It is so much more affordable than taking a whole family to the movies and you actually interact with one another. Hasbro has a huge selection of games where it's basically impossible not to find one that appeals to your family. I picked out five of my favorite and that was a difficult number to narrow down to!

Guess Who? was one of my favorite games as a child. I always wanted to prove I could solve it faster and now it has gotten a much needed face lift with Guess Who?Extra! It now has 144 mystery faces to choose from so you can keep guessing for a long time. It even has animal faces - this was my son's favorite way to play. This electronic version allows you to push buttons that light up for no and yes answers - it has a special cheer that sounds when the winner has been guessed! If you like to entertain friends then Partini is a great fit for you. This game mixes perfectly with a few cocktails and some appetizers. It basically combines 6 great games into one convenient carrying case. This is pretty smart because you won't get bored easily with all these fun options. I found it to be lots of entertainment and it pretty much appealed to all of our guests because of the numerous options. Partini is a great alternative to purchasing 6 games and it is also a great way to break the ice!
Although I have never watched the Don't Forget the Lyrics show - I really like karaoke and pride myself on being pretty good at singing along. This game is so much fun! I was dismayed to realize how little I really knew when it came to lyrics but it was a riot to hear what people would come up with. We had a great time playing and humming and singing! This game is perfect for playing with friends and relatives. I can't wait to make my grandpa play come Christmas Eve!
A new take on Twister is the Twister Hopscotch. While it recommends ages 6 and up, my 3 year old got a good kick out of it, plus a lesson in color recognition. In this version of Twister you build your own mat with colored rings that hook together. I found this much easier to play because the mat wasn't sliding around under your feet. You also do things like clap, dance, and wiggle from one circle to another. It is a great way to get some energy out when it's too cold to play outside. I really liked the freedom & creativity that came with building your own playing surface. I think this is a much better version for younger kids but if you are going to play with the grown ups - stick to the original (unless you want to see your friends wiggle about).
I love Monopoly. I am kind of addicted to Monopoly. You might catch me playing it late into the night online or begging anyone to play with me. I just like the money. The new Monopoly Here & Now: World Addition is super cool!! The hotels and houses are modeled after ones from around the world (there are even pyramids). You can buy property in pretty much every place I dream of visiting. This version has also been updated with an electronic banking unit. Say goodbye to the paper money - this is quick and easy, just like swiping your credit card. I love this feature. You never have to spend time counting out your money - it always knows your total. I also really like pushing the buttons.

Make sure to visit Hasbro to find and bring back game night to your home. This is a gift that will guarantee at least 2 members of your family will have to step away from the tv or computer and interact together. That alone is a present if you ask me!Best Blogger Tips

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