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I hate how every cookbook I purchase only seems to have about 10 recipes I actually like and the rest don't even appeal to me enough to attempt. I also hate that all of my recipes are stuck in a jumbled mess in an old notebook. TasteBook has created the solution to both of these problems and found a way to make it very affordable too! You create the cookbook of your dreams and it only costs $30 for a hundred recipes.

Here's how it works - you get to browse through TasteBook's huge (and I mean HUGE) selection of recipes and when you find one that you like you add it to your Tastebook. You can pick the recipes that appeal to you and none that don't. Please try to find a cookbook made to your distinct needs at your local bookstore. You can also create your own recipes. It has an easy to fill out template that also allows you to add photos of your recipes.

I am not too much of a chef so I only had about 20 of my own recipes to add to my TasteBook. I also had no photos of the recipes once prepared so I decided to add family photos to make it more personal to me. After I finished doing so I still had room for 80 recipes so I selected my favorites from the enormous database. I pretty much picked anything that said spicy.

The image above is from my TasteBook - I love having my favorite photos along with my recipes - it somehow makes cooking a little more fun and it is a book I am proud to show off! I was extremely impressed with the quality of the TasteBook when it arrived. The book allows you to easily open the binder and add more recipes as you have more. You can also chose from a selection of premade Tastebooks if you don't want to create your own! I think that a gift certificate to Tastebook would make an amazing gift but my favorite gift idea would be to create a personalized family cookbook to give to your relatives & friends. Visit Tastebook today to create your own!Best Blogger Tips


Heather said...

I love this idea. I am now in the midst of creating a cookbook for my mother...thanks for sharing!

Myrinda said...

I know someone this would be perfect for! AWESOME!

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