If you have two+ kids - you need two hands. If I am holding my baby then I am not able to hold my older son's hand while we cross the street or walk to the neighborhood park. Oftentimes I am trying to run errands and hold the baby, my diaper bag, while pushing a shopping cart and keeping up with a three year old. That is quite the challenge for me. The MetroWrap is amazing. It allows me to hold my baby close and to have my hands completely free. While I do love sling carriers, I always feel like I need to hold one hand on it so my baby won't fall out when I move about. When I use the MetroWrap I feel very that my child is very secure. He loves being held high against my chest and he really likes being able to face forward.

This is the first baby wrap I have ever tried. I have seen many women wrapping fabric around then in a frenzy only to achieve a perfect carrier for their child. I had my doubts about whether or not I would be as skilled in the art and was a little worried I would be taking step by step instructions wherever I went. But I needed the instructions only once - the first time I used it. They were very simple (photo's of each step) and after I did the process one time, it made perfect sense to me. I use this all the time! I love that when we are at the park I can push my oldest son with both hands and still hold my little guy. I love how easy it makes grocery shopping. I used it at a crowded festival where a stroller would have been impossible - it was great because I felt free to interact with both of my children!

I absolutely love the Metrowrap! It is extremely comfortable and the premium cotton is soft against mom & baby's skin. It looks stylish, even celebs like Tori Spelling use one. You can get one with one of 6 different bling patterns or w/o any bling and you get to choose from 4 colors, plus a camo option. It is one size fits all so mom, grandma, dad, grandpa, etc... can all use the same Metrowrap. You can use it with your newborn all the way up to a child of 38 pounds - so it is the only carrier you will need. You can even toss it in the washer for easy cleaning. Seriously - if you want a baby wrap, this is the one! Visit MetroMamma to see the full range and to pick up your own. Below are some pictures of my family enjoying our Metrowrap!
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A Family Completed... said...

I love my wrap... those are too freaking cute! I love the wings!

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