I don't know about you but I struggle to keep up with whether or not I am drinking enough water. I try to remember to drink 8 glasses a day (wait - is that the right amount?) but I can't remember where I left my car keys, so you can pretty much forget me having an accurate recollection of how many bottles of water I have drank throughout the day. I do notice that the more water I drink the better I feel and the better my skin looks, but I am horrible about regulating it.

The HydraCoach ($30) does all the thinking for you and it becomes a good motivator. You simply enter your weight into this water bottle and it will tell you the recommended amount of water you should consume a day. You fill up the bottle and push start. Every sip you take will be updated on the screen. It will track how much water you consume throughout the day. It will show you how much you have left to drink and the percentage of your daily dose you have consumed. It even tells you the average amount you are consuming by the hour. Since I am nursing I constantly worry about whether or not I am getting enough water - the HydraCoach does all the worrying for me. It has actually become a fun challenge for me to try and make sure I drink the right amount each day.

This device is easy to use and it would make a great gift for anyone, especially fitness buffs! My husband hardly ever notices the items I test and he was really intrigued with the HydraCoach. He has already expressed that he would like to get one for Christmas. It's pretty rare that he ever asks for anything. I also can see it being a big hit with my parents and in-laws. This is a gift that will be used daily and can improve health - now thats a gift that keeps on giving! Visit HydraCoach today to pick up one for yourself and your loved ones!Best Blogger Tips

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