Janna Conner

Alright ladies I have found the gift pick for you. The gold plated Initial Pendant from Janna Conner is beautiful. It has a delicate 14K goldfill ballchain that drapes timelessly around your neck. The gold plated initial pendant looks so classy with any outfit. It can work with dresses or it can add some style to a solid tee & jeans. The picture hardly does this necklace justice because it is so well crafted and dainty. It feels really light around your nape and it looks expensive (fortunately it is not).

When I have this hand crafted necklace on I get nothing but compliments and I feel really confident. It is difficult to find well made jewelry that exudes simple elegance but doesn't break the bank at the same time. Janna Conner has skillfully created a piece that feels stylish but lasting, unlike a trend that will be over next week. Her designs have been seen on celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Debra Messing, even Madonna, and I am just listing a few.

This is a gift that would be great for best friends, wives, mothers, daughter, and grandmothers. I love the idea of giving a new mother the initial of her new little baby as a holiday gift! If you take a moment to visit Janna Conner's shop I know that you will find at least one piece of jewelry you can't be without. She not only makes gorgeous necklaces but also bracelets, rings, & earrings.Best Blogger Tips

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