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It has finally happened for me. I have spent years trying to come up with an organized way to keep up with my receipts and now someone has created the perfect solution! I had pretty much given up all hope of keeping up with my receipts before I stumbled upon Neat Receipts. This is the coolest gadget! Basically it is a tiny, lightweight, very portable scanner with some incredibly useful software. The installation is quick, easy, and once you have installed the software you are ready to get organized. No more boxes or folders overflowing with receipts, no more lost recipes, and no more missing business cards!

You simply attach the scanner to your computer with the USB cord and open the Neatworks software (included w/ Neat Receipts). Then click scan. Your document, receipt, or business card will be pulled into the appropriate inbox and the you can file it however you would like. Not only does this eliminate the paper pileup and make it fast to find the item in question, but it automatically pulls the majority of the information into the file for you. It will find the price, the date, the retailer, etc.. and with your business cards it pulls in the number, name, address, email, and so on.
I could go on forever about how much this has improved my organization. I keep a box on my desk that I fill with items to scan and then once a week I add them all to my database and recycle the paper. I can find the receipts I need at tax time. I can remember where that Old Navy receipt went when I realize Connor outgrew a shirt before he wore it. I can easily track where my family is spending our money and find a way to eliminate the wasteful spending. I can find that business card a friend gave me for carpet cleaning when I discover Connor has decided to try paint by numbers on my living room carpet. I can search through all of my recipes by categories or by the only ingredients I currently have in my fridge. You can even create PDF files with just the receipts you select and send it to whomever (like your accountant). I LOVE this product!

One more thing that Neat Receipts has been very helpful with is organizing my project notebooks. Over the years every time I come across a craft project, an outfit I like, makeup advice, how-to on decorating, recipes, article of interest, and so on - I pull them out and file them in these massive notebooks. Unfortunately, when I am trying to find something it is next to impossible. Now I scan them into the Neat Receipts Document section and place my clippings into neatly organized folders. When I want to look up the Halloween costume ideas & crafts that I have collected - I just search for Halloween and it appears - nice and organized. I really can't sing the praises enough! I think that Neat Receipts is the kind of gift that someone will use and appreciate on a daily basis. Visit Neat Receipts to pick up one for yourself & someone special on your shopping list!Best Blogger Tips

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Jennifer said...

Finally a possible gift for my husband. Are you using the PC version or the Mac Version?

Thanks for the heads up.

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