Make it one of a kind with Lulu.com

This is the place to create holiday gifts that will bring tears to their eyes. Lulu.com allows you to create your own photobooks filled with memories your family will really appreciate. I think that photobooks are such a great alternative to a photo album. I would love to eliminate all of the photo albums in my house and replace them with customized & organized photobooks. They not only look really professional but you don't have to worry about fingerprints damaging your precious pictures!

I created my own photobook on Lulu.com and these two images are from two pages inside my book. Lulu.com was very easy to use. It gave you several options for the style of your book and it has tons of different photo layouts to pick from. All you do is upload your photos and drag/drop them into the layouts you choose. Then you can add a little text & publish. The end result is high quality and guaranteed to impress. I know my photobook has now become my coffee table centerpiece and it always starts up some conversation. Most of the time people want to know how they can create one of their own!

If you are searching for the perfect gift for grandparents or best friends my advice would be to visit Lulu.com and create a photobook. It would also be a nice gift for a child. My son loves to look through this book repeatedly and ask questions about every picture. He really likes looking at the memories. Visit Lulu.com to create your own!Best Blogger Tips

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