Sadly since becoming a mommy again my skin has became that of a teenager. I can't seem to control the random breakouts. I was really excited for the chance to try out ThermaClear and to see if it could stop the acne from showing up all over my chin, cheeks, and forehead. From the moment that ThermaClear arrives it is ready to go. It comes with batteries and only takes 10 seconds to warm up. The ease of use with it is impressive. You simply place the treatment tip on the pimple, select the setting you prefer (high or low), and press the pulse button. You only need to hold it there for 2 seconds and it will let you know when it's done. Seriously - anyone can use this!

ThermaClear is clinically proven to clear up pimples 4x faster than those not treated with ThermaClear. This handheld, FDA approved gadget uses thermal pulse technology to clear up your pimples. Basically it sends a controlled pulse of heat directly to the pimple and this speeds up the cleaning process. Honestly, I was a little terrified to put this on my skin. I thought that it might hurt or burn my skin off (yes - this is completely ridiculous but I have an active imagination). Have no fear - it does NOT hurt at all. It feels a little warm or tingly but definitely not painful. As for my skin burning away - not a chance. Instead it actually did help my pimples to heal faster. Typically it would take an outbreak about a week or more to go away - this sped it up to about 2-3 days. Much better! If you treat a pimple before it breaks the surface as they recommend, then it heals even faster - one of mine never even broke the surface.

The compact size of ThermaClear makes it possible to even keep in your purse and treat at the first sign of an outbreak. I will say that it has significantly improved my random breakouts. Let me be clear - it does not magically make your pimple instantly disappear but it drastically speeds up the healing time of your pimple. It can make that embarrassing bright red bump on the middle of your forehead have only 2 days in the spotlight instead of a week. I think this would be a really nice gift for an acne plagued teenager or pretty much anyone. My dad keeps trying to get me to give him one. I guess nobody likes to have a zit and this sure beats my previus remedy of covering the zit in toothpaste. There is nothing cute about going to bed with toothpaste spots all over your face and it always stains my pillowcase. You can find out more by visiting ThermaClear.Best Blogger Tips

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