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Alternative Apparel's founder & designer Greg Alterman started out with a passion to design the perfect t-shirt. After getting the chance to wear some of Alternative Apparel's quality clothing - I would say he succeeded on more than just one perfect t-shirt design. Before I had children I liked everything suction cupped to my body because in my super skinny body I was a fan of the mantra "If you've got it, flaunt it". I was also 20. Since this time I have come to realize that the perfect t-shirt for me is one that is not only soft & comfy, but one that highlights what's good about my figure and hides what isn't. Super tight is not the look for my bod anymore and I seriously doubt it was ever the right look for me.

The fit of Alternative Apparel's tops is amazing. I swear they make me look so much thinner. The tops fit snugly and the lower hem of the top flows out just enough to hide the extra baggage I have there. The fabrics are soft - my favorite top - the Joni Babydoll was made of 100% pima cotton. The clothing is also affordable. The Joni Babydoll was worn on Calista Flockhart on an episode of Brothers & Sisters. You can copy this flattering celebrity style for only $38 - thats almost too good to be true.
The Long Cardigan in the picture above is the perfect weight to toss on over a tank or tee. It's great for fall and a cool summer evening. I like how it looks simple & elegant but casual at the same time. It makes a great staple for your wardrobe. The t-shirt in the top most picture is the A-Line Organic VNeck. It's hard to believe that a perfect fitting 100% organic cotton tee can be purchased for only $32. My old tees can't possibly compete with the soft Eco-friendly fabric and the flattering cut. Did I mention I love this tee? There are so many great options available for you at Alternative Apparel - make sure you check them out because they have clothing for dad & the little ones, thus making it destined to become your one stop shopping destination. Below are a few pictures of me in my Alternative Apparel clothing:
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