Cheep Cheep

I wanted to shine a spotlight on this special Etsy shop. Cheep Cheep has some adorable items for your jewelry box. I love this sweet ivory rose adjustable ring ($8). It is a great way to add some handcrafted fun to your hands! You'll also find great items like charm necklaces, pocket mirrors, card cases, magnets, and brooches. The best part is - the prices are amazing and the items are one of a kind!
My absolute favorite are the Little Orange Flower stud earrings ($5). I love to wear stud earrings - they don't get caught on anything and they are difficult for your munchkins to yank on. I also think they can class up a t-shirt and jeans. Cute stud earrings are hard to find but Cheep Cheep has a pretty good collection and you can get a lot for your money!Best Blogger Tips

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