Save money by spending it!

Although I personally am not a person who should own a credit card - if you are able to purchase wisely the FutureTrust Mastercard is a great idea for your family. The card is linked to the 529 savings account (a tax-free college savings plan) of your choice and then every time you use your FutureTrust Mastercard 1% of your purchase becomes a rebate into your 529 account. Even better - when you use your card at select locations you can get an even greater rebate. For example - Target (one of my favorite stores) gives you a 5% rebate, Barnes & Noble gives you 5%, and even the Gap gives you 3%. You can browse their site to see all the extra rebates you can receive from over 500 locations - like restaurants, stores, online retailers, and even at hotels.

The neat thing about the FutureTrust card is you are saving money for your child's college without even thinking about it. Every time you spend money that you would already be spending - you save some of it for your kid's future. My favorite part is that you can select any 529 savings account you want, which means you might be able to convince grandma & grandpa to select their darling grandchild's 529 account. You could potentially have a great deal of family contributing to Juniors quality education without spending anything out of the norm. You can view all the details by clicking here.Best Blogger Tips

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