Booby Tubes

One thing people tend to neglect to tell you when they are saying how important it is to breastfeed is how bad it can hurt at first. I'm telling it to you straight. I nursed my first child for a year and I am now past the 2 month mark with my second but the first week or so is painful (at least it was for me). I didn't know about Booby Tubes with Connor but this time around I was lucky enough to have a set. Earth Mama Angel Baby has so many great products for both mother & child but to date this is my favorite!!

What in the world are Bobby Tubes? If you said television - you are not reading closely - I said Booby Tubes, not the Boob Tube. They are this ingenious little product that wraps around your breast. They are natural & safe. The 100% organic cotton breast pack is filled with all natural flax seed. What do you do with them? They can be heated in the microwave and they are so soothing for sore breasts. If you warm them and then use them before nursing it will help encourage your milk flow and promote let down. An added bonus - they can also be stored in the freezer and worn in your bra between feedings. This will help reduce the swelling/tenderness of engorgement & it is a lifesaver when you are weening. If this is your first time breastfeeding you need this. If this is your 2nd or 3rd or so on - then you know you need this. You can get your Booby Tubes at Earth Mama Angel Baby.Best Blogger Tips

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