Natural Breast Support

Since I am stuck with a pretty tiny cleavage area this isn't typically a problem that plaques me but when I am nursing I have the luxury of a larger chest. The only problem I have discovered is that it is difficult to sleep comfortably without a bra at night. When you lie on your side to sleep one breast is forced to weigh down the other. This is where a unique product like Kush can help you out.

Kush is anatomically designed to support the weight of your breasts and in doing so it prevents the pressure that can lead to your discomfort. It can also help keep you from getting any wrinkles on your breast region. The design is lightweight, simple to use, and slip proof. If this eliminates my need for tight bras and underwire at night you can count me in! It is recommended for side sleepers, pregnancy, c-cup and larger breasts, nursing mothers, post operative recovery, and proper spine alignment. Check out the video below to see it Kush in use.

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