Bump In The Night

Is your little guy scared of the dark? Does he think monsters sleep in his closet? My oldest child is terrified of monsters. We have tried everything - a special blue night light that "scares monsters away", monster spray "water in a special bottle", and even a go away monster dance ritual before bedtime. None of this works for us - it only creates a 2 -3 night fix and then it's back to night time visits from Connor.

Bump In the Night by Edward Hemingway is a great book for monster phobic munchkins. The adorable tale is about a little boy who hears something in his closet and he is scared. I bet your wondering how this is going to alleviate fears...The great thing about this story is that once the little boy sees the monster he realizes he isn't so scary after all. The story does a great job of making a monster seem like the kind of thing you'd want as a best buddy. I figure if you can't make your child believe that there is no such thing as monsters then you had better outsmart them. Convincing your child that monsters are fun seems to be a good alternative!

Can I honestly say Connor is no longer scared of things that go Bump in the Night after reading this book? Not completely, although it has helped him a lot and now all I have to do is remind him that the monsters are fun. It has also become one of his favorite bedtime stories. It is the book he describes to his grandma & pretends to read to his little brother. The story is cute, fun, and I would recommend it - we love it!Best Blogger Tips

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