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Whether you are eyeshadow challenged, short on time, like to pack lite, or looking for a way to look festive for a special occasion - Color On Pro has got your back, or your eyes. This is by far the most unique way I have ever seen to apply your makeup. It is already done for you. You simply place the applicator oval onto your lid, smooth out, remove applicator, rub the shadow in a little if needed with your finger and then brush the setting powder over your lid to - you guessed it - set it. The whole process takes very little time and the end result is professional looking eyes with very little work from you.

Here are a few reasons why I am a big supporter of Color On Pro. First - you don't have to buy twelve different shades of eyeshadow to achieve that perfect contoured look. Second - you don't have to know what colors to combine to get that perfect contoured look. Third - it's quick and easy for a girl on the go. Fourth - you can pack lots of options into a tiny makeup bag. Fifth - a little goes a long way. One applicator oval will do both eyelids. Lastly - you can easily create fantasy inspired eyes for girl's nite out or just for fun with some of the funkier options available. My favorite is the zebra eyes. I would never be able to create this look on my own!

Color On Pro has an incredible selection of colors to choose from. You can go for something smokey eyes, jewel tones, metallics, animal instincts, holiday colors, even sunset beach options. My only word of caution is that the colors do go on a little bolder than you might expect. However, with a little rubbing here and there it ends up looking flawless for everyday wear. When I'm going out though - the bolder the better! Visit Color On Pro to see what they can do for your peeepers.Best Blogger Tips

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