Hansen's Junior Water

Are you searching for a healthy alternative to sugary juices to give your child. Hansens has a variety of options to help keep your little one healthier. My personal favorite is the Junior Water.I have been guilty of watering down my son's juice in an attempt to make me feel like I am giving him less sugar. Lately however he has caught on to my game - he saw me pouring water into his cup one time - and now he can magically tell when it has been added. For some reason he will drink Hansen's Junior Water. It might be because it is more fun to him - anything is a juice box is cooler to my 3 year old - or it might be because it tastes better. When I ask him if he likes it he always replies "yes" and he has yet to complain. Thus it has passed the taste test of a 3 year old connoisseur.

Moms - here are some reasons why you would want you little one to drink Junior Water:
  • it has 100% vitamin C per serving
  • certified organic and kosher
  • it only has 30 calories
  • no artificial sweeteners and no high fructose corn syrup
Its available in 3 flavors (Tropical, Fruit Punch, and Berry). You can find out more by clicking here!Best Blogger Tips

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