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Someone was right on the money when they created the witty tees for toddlers at Little Showoffs! They had my son pegged with so many of the fun options. Connor's tee says "I can do it myself" and it is verbatim what he tells me all the time. Actually he says something like "me do it all myself" but it's pretty close. The t-shirt that simply says "why?" is another phrase that constantly finds its way out of Connor's mouth....over and over....over and over....over and over...over and over....over and over... - do you feel my pain yet? If you have a toddler take a minute to visit Little Showoffs and check out the toddler tees - I'm pretty sure they have one that will capture your child's personality and if nothing else bring a smile to your face. The line was created by a mother of two boys...hmmm...maybe thats why I connect to it so well.

Little Showoffs uses 100% ring spun cotton. The shirts are much softer than the average tee and they wash really well. A celebrity favorite Little Showoffs also has great tops for babies, mommy & daddy. I don't think it's possible to choose just one favorite from this adorable site and I'm pretty sure anything from here would be a big hit at a baby shower. See for yourself at Little Showoffs and check out the C-man below modeling his tee:

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