My Baby Nest

I am becoming addicted to the art of baby wearing! It is such a luxury for me to be able to have the use of my arms. The Baby Nest Carrier is great for those new to the baby wearing world. The design is simple and easy to put on. You just slide the two intertwined loops over your head and then place your arms in - Tada! No need for complex wrapping skills, all you have to do is wrap a belt around you and if you are nursing you don't even need that!

This carrier is especially created for newborns and premature babies. It is very supportive and provides a secure, snug hold for your baby. However, it isn't something that you will soon outgrow because it can hold a child that weighs up to 35 pounds. The unique way it distributes the weight evenly across your shoulders makes the Baby Nest Carrier super comfy for parents to use.

The carrier is made of super soft European Cotton and it comes in 6 color options. If you look at the picture below you can see how versatile the Baby Nest Carrier is - look at all the different positions you can hold you child in!

My Baby Nest by Now What Baby

You can get yours with an exclusive 10% discount when you enter the code nowwhat at the checkout. Don't dilly dally though because this special savings will only last until November 30! And now here is a short video of us trying out the Front Position on the Baby Nest Carrier:

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