What you put in is what you get out

Why buy a stainless steel sippy cup for your child? It's certainly not the cheapest option available and it's not the type of thing you can pick up at walmart - so what makes it so much better and worth the extra time & money? Here is a list of reasons that will have you tossing out your inferior cups and ordering the Safe Sippy today:
  • The designers of the Safe Sippy had safety as their number one priority when they designed the unique cup
  • It's still leak proof because liquid only comes out when your child sucks on it - but they used non-toxic silicone to construct the leak proof valve
  • The straw shaped spout was designed in that way because of research that shows the wider spouts can cause physical & developmental speech problems in children - the straw shape has been shown in the same research to be better for developing mouths
  • the rubbery sleeve around the bottom not only provides insulation for your child's cold drinks but it also protects the stainless steel, makes the cup easier for little hands to grip, and protects your toes should the cup drop on them
  • The Safe Sippy cup is BPA free
  • The handles are removable which allows the cup to grow with your child
  • Most importantly the body of the cup is made of non-leaching & toxin free stainless steel. This cup is safe to put in the dishwasher and it doesn't matter if liquids get hot inside of it.
My son loves his cup. I'm not sure if it's the bright color or the stainless steel but he thinks it's really cool. I love it because it eliminates the need for worry. It's really comforting to know that the liquid I put in is in the same condition when it goes into my son's mouth. Up until I discovered the Safe Sippy I was actually unaware that it was dangerous to put my child's plastic sippy cups in the dishwasher. I am not a huge fan of hand washing, for me the extra expense to be able to toss it in the dishwasher with no risk is completely worth it to me. Plus the design and construction of the Safe Sippy is so durable that the cup will be able to be passed down to your next child. Thus you will be able to buy many less cups in your lifetime. Visit the Safe Sippy today to get one for your little one!
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