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The first thing that attracted me to Dwell Studio was the great patterns. However, when I checked out the site I was even more thrilled to discover that you can get all your needs met and all in the same matching pattern. My current favorite from Dwell Studio's baby line is the weekender bag. Admittedly, I am a bit of a bag addict but this bag is quite superior to any of my previous travel gear. I love having something stylish & cute to put my stuff in, even better to put my baby's gear in.

The weekender bags from Dwell Studio are not only incredibly cute but they are just the right size. I've used it as my hospital bag when I had baby Jackson, to pack all of Jackson's needs for a weekend trip and to pack for a sleepover for my 3 year old (he always has to drag toys along with the his clothing). The bag is durable and it's not too bulky but it still very roomy. The weekender comes complete with a removable duffel strap, two leather straps, coated outside canvas (which stays really clean), one outer zippered pocket, a matching luggage tag and lots of inner pockets for organization. An added bonus - the inner lining is very easily wipes clean in the unavoidable event of spillage or mess. I know this bag is supposed to be for my baby but I can't help borrowing it every now in then. It's kind of sad but my little one's travel gear is so much more stylish then mine.

Another great find at Dwell Studio is the Bottle Holders! They have given me a chic way to keep baby's bottle warm or cold with this insulated holder. It's made using the same coated canvas that deters stains and the zippered top closure keeps the bottle snugly inside. I really like the way Dwell Studio has created a way for you to get all your baby needs in matching fabrics. It looks so classy when my child's blanket, weekender, diaper bag, bib, changing pad and bottle holder all go together (you can actually get even more baby items from Dwell Studio) and it makes it easy to tell what belongs to your child. The Bottle Holder also works really good for my cokes (I swear I only borrow it occasionally). You must visit Dwell Studio to see all the great patterns and baby products. Did I mention they also have bedding for you and your children?

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