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If you have a child then you are probably a little worried about germs. I was really worried with my first child and I thought that I would have mellowed with my second. The funny thing is - now I worry about the germs my 3 year old is passing on to my newborn. I make Connor wash his hands after pre-school and I try to stress that he should not touch baby Jackson's face but somehow that is not very effective. I don't consider myself germaphobic or anything but to me preschool is a germ factory just waiting to infect my home. School has been in session less then three weeks and already my entire family has come down with a cold. Colds are not typically a huge deal to me but with me running on a newborn's sleep schedule and this newborn now has a cold....it's been rough. The point I am trying to get to is that any product that can help keep my kids safer is a must have for me.

The Germ Guardian's Nursery Sanitizer is great for so many reasons. First of all it is really easy to use. All you do is place your child's toys, pacifiers, even bottle nipples into the Nursery Sanitizer and push the button. In 30 minutes it is magically 99% germ free. The nifty gadget uses dry heat to kill germs. This means that its safe way to sanitize your bottles and your breast pumps attachments. I feel like I use Germ Guardian's Nursery Sanitizer pretty much all day so it's a good thing it doesn't require really any work from me (other than pushing one button). Everytime the pacifier falls on the floor or Connor decides it to put his baby brother's paci into his mouth, we make a trip to the Nursery Sanitizer. Connor hasn't used a paci since he was 7 months old but lately he has become very curious of all things baby so the majority of my baby stuff ends up in his mouth at some point and time.

The Germ Guardian's Nursery Sanitizer is also great because it doesn't use chemicals to kill germs - it kills them in a natural way with the use of dry heat. This makes it possible to also clean soft toys and it won't fade the fabrics or cause shrinkage. It also won't cause the rubber or plastic to melt. The Nursery Sanitizer even turns off automatically when it is done sanitizes your baby gear. It's basically idiot proof, perfect for a busy parent, chemical free and it helps keep your baby from getting sick - what's not to love about that? Check out the my demo video below to see it in use:
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