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If you are currently breastfeeding or planning on breastfeeding and you would like the ability to leave your home without your baby at some time in the next few months....you are going to need a pump. Trust me on this - you will want to have a backup milk supply just in case you "need" to go out. I know that I "need" a few hours alone in a quiet place to maintain my sanity at times. With my first child I had two different breast pumps. Having no real knowledge of pumps I bought a manual pump first...for me that was a mistake. It is so time consuming and my hand was so tired that I pretty much quit trying after one bottle took close to an hour. The second pump I bought was an electric pump but it was a single. It worked very well but you had to do both sides and it was really loud. It did however cut my pumping time in half. When I got pregnant with my second child I know I wanted a better pump.

Lansinoh has a great double electric breast pump. Having a dual pump has cut bottle making time down to a mere 15 minutes and with two little ones running around that is about all the time I ever have to spare. It is also much more quiet than my previous electric pump. I can pump at night without waking my husband or children. It allows you to adjust the speed and suction to your preference which makes it possible to mimic the way your baby eats. Another plus is that it is easy to clean. Pumps are never cheap but Lansinoh's Double Electric Breast Pump is one of the most affordable options out there. Trust me - if you plan on using only breast milk with your child - don't skimp on your pump. You will wind up buying more than one and in the end you will still buy the more expensive one. I am on my third and it seems I have finally got it right. I can now store up milk so that hubby can do a night time feeding and I can go on date night or girl's night out. Thank goodness for a little break every now and then!Best Blogger Tips

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