A boob breathalizer

After 9 months of pregnancy, I was aching to have a little bit of a social life again. I wanted to go out with the girls or have a couple of drinks with my husband while out to dinner. However, as a nursing mom I found myself hesitant to do those things because I was scared to nurse after having a drink. I don't want to do anything that could negatively effect my child. It's work to accumulate a breast milk supply and I found myself unwilling to part with my frozen supply unless it was for an emergency. Thank goodness Milkscreen came up with a way for mother's to know if they have had too much of a good thing. There were no clear guidelines before because every woman's body is unique.

Milkscreen is really easy to use. You just put a little of your breastmilk directly onto the test strip and wait two minutes. Then you compare the color on your strip to the color chart that tells you how much is too much. It's a simple way to check before giving your baby beer flavored milk.

For purely research purposes (of course) - I tried out Milkscreen in two different situations. I tried it after having 2 beers and was relieved to see a minute color change on the test strip. It was safe for me to nurse. Of course bear in mind that it was two beers consumed in 2 hours and that I was also munching on some chips & dip. I didn't funnel two beers and feed a baby right after. I also tested Milkscreen after having three strong margaritas. I knew that I was in no shape to nurse my baby but I was curious if Milkscreen would know it. The test strip turned a darker shade than what was shown on the color chart. I had scored off the charts on this one! Thus, I definitely would be sharing too much tequila in my breast milk. My little man feasted on my backup milk supply for the night - an added bonus was that my hubby could feed him and I could sleep :)

Milkscreen was very effective and helpful for me. There are times when you know without a doubt that you have had a few too many drinks to nurse but sometimes you are uncertain. It's really nice to have a test that can tell you what is too much and can make it easier for you to have a few drinks. The peace of mind brought by the test has made it a necessity in my home. You can never be too safe where your children are concerned.Best Blogger Tips

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