Bosom Blanket

Missing out on a lot? Spending a chunk of your day in the car, in a back bedroom, even in the family restroom? I don't think there is anything wrong with breast feeding in public but I personally - am a little shy about letting the world see my boobs. I don't want anyone to see them except my husband, nursing child, and maybe my physician when absolutely necessary. Because of this I had to find a hiding spot to nurse my son. If we were out to dinner I would go sit in the car, at a family function then it's off to the guest bedroom for me, shopping trip...family restroom here I come. I'm sure your get the point - I spent a lot of time in hiding.

I am so excited that this time around I am able to participate with the help of my Bosom Blanket. I take this everywhere and I think I have almost used it everywhere. I use it at restaurants and I am able to stay throughout the meal, even eat my meal while it is hot. I no longer need to ask for a conversation recap when I return. I use it whenever anyone is hanging out at my house or me at theirs. It has certainly made nursing easier around my father & father in law. I even use it at the mall or the park.

Bosom Blankets have an adjustable & removable strap that goes around your neck to help your ta-tas covered and to keep you baby from wiggling the blanket away. It also has been designed with a soft, but rigid neckline. I love this because you can still see you baby when you nurse but you are still covered. This blanket has a little bit of everything - it has a pocket (perfect for nursing cream or pacis), it has ribbon loops on the side for baby to fiddle with or to attach toys to, it has velco attached clothespins that you can use to attach the bosom blanket to your clothing if you are somewhere with a breeze, it also makes a great playmat or a baby blanket, and it comes complete with a matching burp cloth. The fabrics you have to choose from are both fresh & stylish. I really can't leave home without my Bosom Blanket. I just fold it up and toss it in my purse or diaper bag. Seriously - I love this and I don't think I can praise it enough. Finally - I am not forced to nurse in hiding and I don't have to compromise on my modesty.

Here are a few pictures of it in use:

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