Mio Moov 310

I don't consider myself to fall into the category of being bad with directions. Actually, I'm really good with directions except for when it comes time to reverse them. The main problem for me falls in trying to read the directions and drive at the same time or trying to change routes when traffic on the highway is a mess. This is why I fell in love the with Mio Moov 310. When I had to send this driving assistant back it was a sad day. I know what I'll be putting on my holiday wish list though.

I liked using my Mio Moov 310 so much that I would let her direct me home even when I knew exactly where my house was. I liked being able to see how many miles away I lived from everything (plus she would give me real time traffic updates). At first I would put the machine on mute when I already knew the way but then I discovered you could make her speak with a British accent and I was hooked. It was so much fun for me to repeat everything she said in an attempt to master the accent, maybe not as fun for my passengers.

The Mio Moov 310 was an absolute lifesaver when I was driving to locations I had never visited before. I wasn't fumbling with a map or a scribbled note and attempting to watch the road at the same time. The Moov made sure I didn't miss my turn by warning me in advance (she actually says the street name) and if I still managed to drive past it - she would kindly redirect. When it was time for me to return home I could just hit the home button on the touchscreen and it would send me there. The Mio Moov 310 also allows you to save the places you go so that it is easy to revisit them in the future. It is really useful when you are going to multiple locations and you want to know the best way from one to another. It will even let you plan out a route.

You can also choose your preferences - you could set it to always find the fastest route - a fun way to show hubby you are always right - or to avoid highways, etc.. Searching for a close gas station? It will show you the options on the screen. You can type in virtually any place and it can find it and help you get there. Honestly, I am a big fan of the Mio Moov 310 - to me it is a must have for anyone who drives, plus you can brush up on your accents!Best Blogger Tips

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