Nursing bras that are pretty & functional

I was never able to find a nursing bra that was both comfortable and cute with my first child. This was a problem because I resorted to wearing sports bras and my old bras that did not fit. I also made the mistake of going bra-less the majority of the time I was at home. The end result was sagging, clogged ducts, milk stained tops, and a not-so put together appearance. This is why I am so excited to have discovered Amoralia's nursing bras - not only are they incredibly comfy but they are also pretty!

I've been wearing my Amoralia Anise nursing bra pretty much non-stop. I sleep in it and my child eats in it. It's not only comfortable but it is very functional. The easy to unclip flap provides me with easy access for nursing. The bra is made from stretchy microfibre and the inside is lined in a snugly soft cotton. I love all the little touches that keep the bra looking feminine and pretty. The soft pink color, tri-spagetti straps, and dainty bows allow me to escape the ugly bra syndrome that plaques the majority of nursing bras. My only complaint with this bra is that I have to take it off to wash it - but at least it is completely machine washable.

Amoralia not only has nursing bras but they also carry maternity bras & matching panties. You'll also find camis, nightwear, even swimwear! Thank goodness someone finally noticed the need to have comfortable and pretty undergarments even when you are pregnant or nursing. Visit Amoralia today to see the full selection!Best Blogger Tips


laura said...

Very timely post, as I'm on the hunt for a couple nursing bras now!! Thanks so much. :)

Anonymous said...

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