Mom's Beauty Find - Irresistible Lipcolor

Urban Decay has found a great way to get more use out of your makeup - Eyeshadow Transforming Potion. This is so cool to me - the dual ended wand is filled with a potion that turns your favorite eyeshadows into liquid liner or liquid eyeshadow. The effect is very dramatic and it outlasts simply applying eyeshadow the old fashioned way. If you mix the potion soaked brush with your eyeshadow you can form a sort of paste but swirling the brush This will bring new life to your eyeshadow! The Transforming Potion has quickly become one of my favorite makeup products.
Urban Decay's lipsticks are truly amazing. I am not much of a lipstick person, at least not since I had children. However, this lipstick has convinced me to allow a lip color comeback in my life. There is a lot to write home about with this unique lipstick. First of all the packaging is g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s! The chromed out metallic purple and the dangerous dagger on the bottom make me feel super chic when I apply this in the ladies room. If thats not enough for you than the one coat of this lipstick will have you hooked. It contains vitamins A, C, & E plus it has Hyaluronic Spheres that keep your pucker from getting dehydrated. The lipstick glides on with a creamy feel that even smells and tastes like caramel. What's not to love? I hate when lipsticks get dry & cakey but this unique lipstick really keeps your lips looking fresh and juicy. Before I forget - the fall shades are amazing. At first glance I thought - whoa - these colors would be too much for me. However, I was wrong. The wide variety of options make it impossible not to find your perfect shade. I started out trying to play it safe with a lighter shade and was shocked to discover that some of the bolder colors were what really made me look my best. In closing - Urban Decay has made a lipstick that has turned this chapstick addicted mom into a stylish lipstick pout sporting woman!Best Blogger Tips

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