Remember those blue suction bulbs they give you at the hospital after you have a new baby? Cleanoz is the upscale alternative - not to mention much easier & quicker. Only a week after Jackson was born my older son brought home a cold and gave it to the whole family. A cold is not so bad as far as sickness goes but it was incredibly sad to watch Jackson try to breathe through his stuffy nose. He absolutely hated it when I would use the suction bulb on him and I would have to do so repeatedly to get his nose clear and unfortunately the process had to be done again & again. This is where Cleanoz became a lifesaver for me. It is quick and it didn't really bother Jackson. Don't get me wrong - he didn't love it - but who like having anything inserted into their nose? In comparison to the suction bulb, he was a big fan!

Cleanoz is a battery powered nasal aspirator kit for babies & toddlers. Designed by a physician, it uses a disposable, flexible silicone reservoir tip. The disposable reservoir tip is special because it allows you to keep germs away from your baby. There is no way to completely eliminate the germs that get into your blue suction bulb and think about it - when do you use the bulb the most? - when your child's nose is probably full of germs. The ability to throw away the nose goo you collect is pretty much priceless to me.

Another thing that makes Cleanoz special is that it is quick. You simply insert the soft, flexible tip into your baby's nose and then you push the button. You can see the reservoir tip inflate, much like a balloon, as it fills. Don't worry about Cleanoz sucking your child's brains out (I word it this way because that is what my older son wanted to know when he saw me using this on his baby brother), the suction is very gentle. The whole process takes about 2 minutes and changing out the reservoir tip is a breeze. I was so grateful to have this when my little one was sick. It's not the type of thing you think to buy when you are at the store but it is something you will be so happy you have. Be prepared and order your Cleanoz today!

A short video of us using Cleanoz:
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