Half Baked

I'll just be honest here - being pregnant makes me feel anything but attractive. It makes me feel heavy and clumsy. If there was ever a time to splurge on clothing that helps you feel a little better about your self image - this is it. I pretty much live in jeans and sweatpants. At the beginning of the summer I was wearing cute sun dresses but now that my feet have decided to become ginormous I'm sticking with pants. Actually the pants are kind of sticking to me in this heat. Anyhow - Habitual has an amazing line of maternity jeans! The ones in the picture above are their famous half baked jeans and they are now available in a flattering dark wash. Dark is slimming. These are the jeans that you have seen on pregnant celebs like Angelina Jolie and Katie Holmes. Are they worth the price? In my opinion - for sure!

I am a designer jean addict. I just can't get enough and I swear that they do make a difference. The cut is always more flattering and the length is just right (I'm a little tall). The denim is higher quality and every pair of designer denim I have purchased has stood the test of time. The reason I am so in love with Habitual's maternity denim is that they fit amazing. They make you look dare I say "sexy". There is no maternity band - instead it has inner adjustable elastic that make these pants something you don't have to stop wearing just because you are no longer preggo. It also makes them the perfect pants for the transition year after you give birth. The have an extremely low rise that makes them really comfortable because it's not squeezing your belly and making your love handles pop out!
Habitual also has a new Trouser style maternity jean. I am so in love with these too! They have the same inner adjustable elastic and low rise but the look is different due to the slight cuff detail on the bottom and side pockets. These pants look great to dress up and have a wider leg. You can purchase Habitual Jeans at several online stores - here is a link to one of my favorite.

Unfortunately, I did not get the time to photograph the jeans while I was still pregnant. I did get to wear them and I can say that these jeans fit me while I was 9 months pregnant and they still fit great a week after my son was born. These jeans are perfect because they grow with your body and then they can shrink with your body - plus they don't look like maternity so you won't be embarrassed to sport them as you attempt to get back to your pre-baby bod. The pics of me modeling below are from a week after Jackson was born:

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