A color changing way to help prevent SIDS

I honestly had no idea that room temperature played a role in the prevention of SIDS. Keeping your baby's room between 61 - 67 F is important in creating a safe sleeping environment for your child. The Grobag Egg is a stylish and fun to look at way to make sure that the temperature is just right in your child's room. The egg changes color to alert mom and dad to temperature changes. You don't have to turn on the light at night - you can simply glance at the glowing color to know if the room is just right. It also makes a great night light.

If the Grobag Egg is glowing yellow than the temperature is just right. It turns blue when it's getting to cool and goes from orange to red as the room gets to warm. Another thing to love about this product is that they were smart enough to design it with a plug. I am so tired of buying batteries for all things baby. They are making a killing off me and I would hate to peek my head into baby's room to see that the Egg had gone out and I was way too sleepy to go buy more batteries. You can get your own Grobag Egg at Keen Distribution and it will only cost you $29.99. When you think about all the batteries you won't be buying and the fact that it combines a night light with peace of mind - the price is right for me! Plus I'm a sucker for things that change color....ooooo....pretty lights!Best Blogger Tips

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