Works for you and baby!

Ever wonder if your dish liquid is the best you could give your baby? Dapple has created Dish Liquid and Dish Washing Detergent that has been specially designed to remove the odors and residue that is left behind from breast feeding, baby foods, and formula - the impressive part - they did so using only naturally derived ingredients that are free of chemicals and environmentally safe. I was curious if it could be all these things and still actually work. The dishes I washed with Dapple were just as clean, if not cleaner, than any other detergent I used. I'm sold.

Later this year Dapple will be debuting their new line which will have great products like toy cleaner spray & toy cleaner wipes (also available in a travel pack - so I know those will have a permanent place in my diaper bag). I will keep you updated when these products arrive! In the meantime if you are concerned about the safety or the effectiveness of your current dish washing products, try Dapple. I've been nothing but impressed thus far plus it gives me peace of mind.Best Blogger Tips

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