Kicky Pants

OMG - the clothing from Kicky Pants is soooooo cute!! I am not kidding - too cute for me to resist!! Look at the above Jailbird Stripe Coverall - not only is it adorable but the design is ingenious. The pants are made to end a little below the knee so that baby can move around easier (it is longer in the 3 -6 months size) and it has a drop down snap bottom panel that makes it easy to check on baby's diaper. I think that the drop down butt is just the cutest thing ever. Can you tell how obsessed I have become with Kicky Pants?

Another thing that I love about Kicky Pants is the fabrics they have used. The majority of the clothing in the Kicky Pants line is made with a 95% bamboo fabric - this is main reason why the fabric is so lightweight and breathable. The Mod Squares Coverall is one of the few cotton blend pieces available from Kicky Pants and I was still shocked by how soft it was and how perfect this is for even summer temperatures because the fabric is so light. I am currently searching for a nightgown in this fabric for myself! The patterns and fabrics are contemporary and fresh. They have coveralls, pajamas and dresses. I can't do this company justice unless you go check out the site for yourself. I'm warning you - it will be hard not to buy something once you see it! Look at Jaden wearing the Mod Squares Coverall....wow....baby clothing is just so precious!

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