Saving mom's hands & making shopping easier

When I saw the Mommy Hook I thought - finally someone has come up with a simple solution for a constant struggle. I hate when you are having a great shopping spree but the pleasure has to be painful because of the shopping bags slicing your arms in two. You come home and have a slowly fading reminder of the days purchases prominently displayed on your poor arms. I hate when it takes me what feels like 100 trips to unload the grocery bags from my trunk and all the while the plastic bags are slicing into my fingers, cutting off valuable circulation.

The Mommy Hook is such an ingenious idea. It's basically just a big hook with a padded handle. You can load the hook down with your baggage and then either hook it to a stroller or carry the padded handle into your home. It has drastically lessened the amount of trips it takes to unload my car and it has ended the pain aspect. Shopping is much easier with this little gadget as well. Another great use is to use it to hook your purse or diaper bag to the stroller. I leave mine in the car and then I'm always prepared. Seriously, your fingers and arms deserve this device and when the price tag is a meager $7.99 - why are you torturing yourself? You can pick one up online from Keen Distribution.Best Blogger Tips

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