What Dali did for my nursery!

Wow - I am so impressed with the Decals from Dali Decals! I had no idea how easy they were to apply and how quickly they could drastically change the look of a room. I just applied a tree decal to a boring wall in my nursery and it quickly made the room look so unique and custom. This is such a great alternative to painting and an amazing option for someone who would be unable to paint a design freehand. Another plus to Dali Decals - they are easy to remove if you change your mind and want a different look in the room. I hate painting. This is amazing. I want to put them up in every room in my home!!

I videotaped the installation process so that you could see how easy it is to apply. It really only took a little under 15 minutes. In the end I had a perfect design and no clean up. I didn't have to wash out my brushes, pick up the drop cloth or spend money on several different colors of paint. Dali Decals has great designs for your home and most of them would work in any room. You pick the design that you like and Dali Decals can let you choose the color that would work in your home. Dali also has another great shop with designs that cater more to adults - you can check it out at Badass Custom Decals!
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