There is a way to fit some sleep into your day!

So if you are anything like me - you walk around half awake most of the time. I am getting pretty accustomed to my life as a zombie but it was nice to find a way to feel a little more alive. In all honesty, I was very skeptical of the idea of Nap 26. The program claims that you can feel like you have had a 3 hour nap in just 26 minutes. It just sounded too good to be true. I figured that as soon as I fell asleep waking up would be difficult. I quit taking naps because it was so hard for me to get going after I fell asleep. My whole day was pretty much wasted.

Back to Nap 26 - surprisingly it does work. You have to listen to this on headphones to be able to get the full effect though. When you listen to Nap 26 it puts you through cycles until you come out at the end of it easily awaken and refreshed. It's not that hard for me to fall asleep but I thought the waking up would be rough - yet it does as promised. This is perfect for my life right now because Connor will take around a 2 hour nap and I can still get rest but also have over an hour to get something accomplished. I hated to nap when he did because I felt like I was wasting valuable time!

This is one of those things that you will have to try out to see the effects. I have been incorporating it into my daily routine and if it works for you - I bet you will too! It has helped save some of my sanity because with me being less exhausted I'm a much nicer mommy and my patience has increased. I wish they could make a Nap26 for kids that worked in reverse. It would only take them 26 minutes to fall asleep but they would nap for 3 hours. Sometimes it takes me so long to get Connor to take his nap that it has completely defeated the purpose. Getting an almost 3 year old boy to lay still and quietly is quite the challenge!Best Blogger Tips

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The Nettles Family said...

Just an idea! When my 3 year old started to have trouble with naps, we switched to "quiet time"!!! She gets a toy and a book and I put on some music and she has to stay in bed until her music is over. She can play with her one toy or look at her book as long as she is quie...9 times out of 10 she falls asleep and takes her nap...but we didn't make her and for a 3 year old, that is what it's all about!!!

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