Blast some volume into your lashes!

I'm sure that you have already heard of Cover Girl's Lash Blast Mascara. If you haven't seen all of the magazine ads or commercials, then I'm sure you stumbled upon a display at one of many stores. I have been dying to try out this mascara. I just hated to give in to all the hype. I like to think I find stuff that people might not have heard of to review on Now What Baby. Regardless, this mascara has been calling my name - I think it's the bright orange packaging that makes me so curious. I have finally succumbed to the urge to buy it. Fortunately, I was not disappointed! I really like this mascara. It has pumped volume and life into my lashes and it does so without having to apply more than two coats. Not too shabby for $7.

Lash Blast doesn't seem to be clumping on me like my usual mascara's do. Ok - the 1st time I apply them they don't clump but since I'm bad about washing off my makeup and I reapply on top of the old mascara for a few days - it can get pretty clumpy around my peepers. So far the mascara has passed even that test. I bought the waterproof version and it hasn't been smudging or sweating off. It is a little difficult to remove but if you take it off in a hot shower the steam seems to work wonders.

Another plus - you can use this mascara with the Spinlash brush if you want. It has been working for me!! I use it both ways depending on the rush I am in. Mascara, bronzer and lip balm are the 3 things I won't leave the house without applying. So in short - I love this mascara and I buy a lot of mascara. I'm really bad about buying expensive mascara from Sephora. I just can't stop myself. In comparison to pricier brands...Lash Blast works just as good!Best Blogger Tips

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wrapped in a baby sling said...

I use this mascara and love it. It works just as well as Two-Faced Lash injector but for less money. A real glamour find.

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