Repeat after me - You're a Good Mom!

I just loved this book! Finally a book by a mom who actually gets me. I am constantly feeling guilty about not being the Super Mom that you see out there. I am not room mom. I rarely look well put together. I am consistently tardy. My house is pretty messy. My laundry is taking over the entire hall. Reading Jen Singer's: You're A Good Mom (and your kids aren't so bad either) was like sitting down with my best friend and comparing stories.

She makes you realize whats really important and helps you find that happy medium between Super Mom and Slacker Mom. After finishing the book I was able to sit back and realize that I am focusing on whats important to my kids. I am a good mom. Say it with me - stop being so hard on yourself - you are a good mom. Your kids are healthy and loved. You have time to play because you aren't stressing about the cleanliness of your bathroom. Lets be honest, when you have children no room will stay clean long, so why is that so important to us?

Reading You're A Good Mom was a light and easy way to spend my day. It was great to read something that built you up instead of making all of these self help suggestions. I came out of it feeling great about what I was doing right and wanting to focus more on my family! It's encouraging and fun. I loved how she could point out things about the so-called Super Moms that were so obvious but I never noticed. It was nice to finally stop comparing myself to the incredibly prepared and helpful mom with the perfectly highlighted hairstyle and just right for looking classic but not too stuffy for a preschool outfit. Read this book and stop being so hard on yourself - you are a good mom!Best Blogger Tips

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