34 Weeks - I feel famous!

With only 6 weeks left to go this summer heat is killing me! Sadly, I am far from graceful at this point so wearing any skirts or dresses that end anywhere above my knee are an accident waiting to happen. I love this long dress from Boob Maternity & Nursing. The material is lightweight and airy but it's thick enough that I don't have to worry about a slip! It keeps me feeling cool in this hot July sunshine and it's really comfortable. I look like a put effort into my outfit but in reality it was much easier than putting together a top and bottom combo. Another nice thing about the dress is the long length because I don't have to worry about exposing anything I didn't plan on showing until I entered the delivery room.

Just to help me feel a little more glam - this is a dress that the celebs are wearing too! Click this link to see Tori Spelling in her Boob Maternity Dress. I have reviewed other items from the Boob Maternity & Nursing collection and have yet to find anything I wasn't pleased with. Boob uses quality fabric and flattering cuts. All of their clothing was built to last through your entire pregnancy and much of it can double for nursing. So - if you are expecting and looking for a great dress to help you endure this blazing summer - check out Boob Maternity & Nursing to see what they have for you!!

Here are some pictures of me wearing my Boob Maternity Long Maternity Dress:

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