Personalize your mail with the whole family!

Address labels can make sending out the mail a little bit quicker for a busy family but the Colour-Me-Family Label Co. has come up with a fun way to make the mail feel a little more personal. When you visit their website it allows you to build your own custom labels with each member of your family. You pick the hair color, shirt color, name, you can even add facial hair & glasses. They also let you write the message that you want your labels to proudly display and to choose the background. I think it's safe to say that no one else will have address labels like your family!

I love the sample ideas that they have listed on their page. I think that grandparents would love the custom labels that say proud grandparents! That is going on my list of possible Christmas gift ideas - unless they have 17 grandkids like my Grandparents. But it would be perfect for my in-laws (I hope they aren't reading this or the cat is out of the bag). Colour-Me-Family also makes it easy to create new address labels announcing that the family has moved, become recently married or had a new baby. This is such a unique & effective way to get the message out. Another thing you might want to check out while you are there is the book labels. We frequently pick up books for Connor at garage sales and they have other kid's names in them. I would love to be able to quickly cover this up with a personalized label for Connor and as an added plus it should help prevent his books from getting lost.

You can save 20% when you enter NOWWHATBABY at the checkout!!Visit Colour-Me-Family Label Co. and start building your custom family today!!Best Blogger Tips

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Sassy Pink Boutique said...

So cute...my hubby thinks I'm crazy because I want to always buy my son these cute personalized items. I can't help it!

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