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You might be thinking - what is this odd grasshopper looking thing above? It's the Cheeky Chick and it is a great riding toy for your toddler. The green critter is designed for kids 18 months and 36 months (with a weight limit of 45 pounds). My little boy is about to turn 3 but he still likes the Cheeky Chick. He has been riding it around our house and enjoys seeing how quickly he can dart about.

This toy is fun for your child but it was thoughtfully planned out for Mom & Dad too! First of all - it comes completely assembled in it's box. Thank you for that! I am tired of trying to figure out how to construct all of Connor's toys and he hates having to wait for his dad to get home and fix it. Dad's happy to be off the hook too! Another great thing about the Cheeky Chick - it folds up quickly and easily. It's very easy to store and it's no trouble to take along with you. Our family travels a lot and it takes up next to no space in the trunk. Connor has had a ball riding it around hotel lobbies.

Check out the video of Connor riding his Cheeky Chick and you can see how quick & easy it folds:
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