Utensils with hats?

The dining sets from Trebimbi are a great way to help make mealtime fun! I love the design of these vivid eating aids. The silverware all connects together and you can mix and match each set. Connor loved putting the silverware back in it's spot on his plate. I also thought it was so cute the way the cup had a smiley face on it and all of the silverware was complete with a face and designed to look like a little person with a hat. Trebimbi's dining sets would make such a unique and cute gift for a child. The only thing I didn't know what to do with was the cup designed for a hard boiled egg because we don't eat a lot of those at my house. Connor thought it was a perfect place to put his one scoop of ice cream for dessert and it actually works really well for this!!

You can get your Trebimbi dining set from Barebabies and when you enter the code nwb10offtre at the checkout - you'll save 10%!! Check out the video of Connor eating diner with his Trebimbi set:
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