POP Beauty

POP Beauty has created a must have for your lids. Eye cakes consist of 5 fun colors that work together to highlight your eyes! A cool thing about Eye Cake is that they have color combo's made specifically for your eye color. You can get the naked blue eyes, brown eyes, or green eyes. The 5 colors in those Eye Cake sets will highlight and enhance your specific eye shade. They also have fun color collections like peaches, mocha eyes, and violet eyes. An added bonus - the colors in your Eye Cake set go on the way they look and they stay on. I can't stand when I buy eye shadow and bring it home to discover it does not really go on the color it is in it's case.

What I like best about the Eye Cake is that it's easy to take along. It comes in a cute tin and you have 5 colors in one place. I hate having to guess which of my various eye shadow shades will compliment each other and I also hate having to pack lots of makeup. Simplicity is great for my life as a mother. With Eye Cake you can easily get your peepers glowing and get downstairs to see why the dog smells like cereal and how your 3 year old found a way to reach the lollipops atop the fridge. POP Beauty has much more to offer than just Eye Cakes - they have a full line of makeup - you can see for yourself by clicking here!Best Blogger Tips

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